Level up your entrepreneurial game with our battle-tested playbooks

Each playbook is broken by stage and teaches you key mindsets, skills, and actionable strategies needed for taking your idea from concept to scale. 

Start with the foundations playbook and work your way up.

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What exactly is a playbook?

Playbooks are curated how-to guides that help you define and achieve key milestones in your entrepreneurial journey by letting you focus on what matters and ignoring the rest.

We spend too much time analyzing, or planning, or making excuses for not starting — we wait to first write a business plan, or find investors, or take a crash course on marketing, or coding or…

There is no shortage of training courses and books out there, which is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, we can learn almost anything today. But on the other hand, if you don’t quickly apply that learning, it simply rolls off your back. And you never feel ready enough to start.

Entrepreneurship is like a martial art or learning to play golf. 
You need to balance learning with doing.

This, of course, is more easily said than done. 
That is why we built these playbooks.

How are these playbooks delivered?

These playbooks are delivered using a combination of tools, content, coaching -- all delivered through a single platform. 

Where did these playbooks come from and who's using it?

These playbooks were created by Ash Maurya, author of 2 best-selling books and the creator of the Lean Canvas. It synthesizes learning across hundreds of workshops, thousands of products, and his cult-classic books: Running Lean and Scaling Lean.

Unlike a book which is hard to change once published, these playbooks are continually updated to reflect the latest thinking and techniques that work.

These playbooks have already been deployed across numerous corporates, accelerators, and universities who use them as their standard curriculum. 

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