10X Your Traction in Less Than 12 Months.

Speed of learning is the new unfair advantage. Learn the new playbooks that today's best product teams use to continuously outlearn their competition and win.

Continuous Innovation Playbooks

Playbooks are curated step-by-step guides that teach you key mindsets, strategies, and tools for taking your idea from concept to scale. 

Where did these playbooks come from and who's using it?

These playbooks were created by Ash Maurya, author of 2 best-selling books and the creator of the Lean Canvas. It synthesizes learning across hundreds of workshops, thousands of products, and his cult-classic books: Running Lean and Scaling Lean.

Unlike a book that is hard to change once published, these playbooks continually evolve to reflect the latest techniques that work.

These playbooks have already been deployed across numerous enterprises, accelerators, and universities who use them as their standard innovation/accelerator curriculum.

How it works

We train your entire team on the Continuous Innovation Framework. Our programs are designed to scale with your team and the stage of your product. These programs are delivered using a combination of video lessons, webinars, and hands-on tools. Along the way, we provide personalized 1:1 coaching for growing your business model.

  • Varies by playbook.
  • Playbook durations vary by stage and typically take 2-6 months to complete.
  • Early playbooks can be taken by solo-founders. Later playbooks need a "complete" team in order to get the best results.
  • All playbooks are delivered 100% remotely which means you can apply them from anywhere.

Continuous Innovation Playbooks Vs. Traditional Product Development
Our playbooks are three to five times more effective than traditional product development approaches that employ a build-first approach and deliver on business model outcomes three times faster. That’s over a 9X advantage.

Time is your scarcest resource. Spend it wisely.
Most people don't value their time correctly which is a huge mistake. We all get 24 hours/day. What separates us is how we spend it. Unlike money or people or other resources that can fluctuate up or down, time only moves in one direction. 

As a founder, you are investor #1 in your idea and you invest with the most expensive asset class -- your time. Ideas, especially good ones, can consume years of your life. Make sure it's worth the ride.

Our playbooks prioritize speed of learning per unit time so you constantly maximize your ROI on time. 

How to get started

  1. Take our free Foundations course to get an overview of the Continuous Innovation Framework.
  2. Set up a diagnostic session with one of our coaches and get feedback on your business model.
  3. Enroll your team in the appropriate next playbook to grow your business model from there. 

Upcoming Programs

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An immersive online workshop, designed and led by Ash Maurya, for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovat...

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Sat, Dec 19, 2020
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Sat, Dec 12, 2020

90 Day Startup W2021

An immersive online workshop, designed and led by Ash Maurya, for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovat...

What You Learn

  • Business modeling with a Lean Canvas
  • Charting milestones with a Traction Roadmap
  • Pitching to customers and stakeholders
  • Prioritizing problems worth solving using a Customer Forces model
  • Driving business model traction using a LEAN Sprint process

Frequently Asked Questions

How are playbooks delivered?
All playbooks are delivered over through online lessons, group webinars, and personalized 1:1 coaching where you'll meet regularly with a certified coach who will help steer your product launch.  

How many 1:1 sessions will we have during the program?
We set up an initial diagnostic session to baseline your current progress and set a 90-day goal. We will also determine the right cadence for us to meet regularly. For most teams, that is every 2 or 3 weeks.

The goal of these sessions is not discussing strategy, but results. This means you will be expected to design and run experiments during the sprint which we'll review together. In between 1:1 sessions, you can always reach out over slack/email (and a call, if necessary) if you get stuck on anything.

Why should I join this program? Can't I get the same learnings from your books and videos?
For the same reason that we attend schools and universities, or elite athletes hire coaches -- for experience, advice, and external accountability.

While > 80% of the content is built upon the core principles covered in our books and videos, tactics are always evolving and specific to the type of product you are building. During the bootcamp, we baseline your specific business model, and help you formulate a custom-tailored validation plan.

Is this a remote or onsite bootcamp?
The bootcamp is run 100% remotely using webinars for group interaction, Slack for questions, and Zoom meetings for 1:1 sessions. And, of course, LEANSTACK tools for tracking your business model, ideas, and experiments.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the high-touch nature of this program, we only accept a few teams at a time. As a result, we have a no-refunds policy once the program starts. This is why we ask you to carefully consider the program fit during the application process. We understand that circumstances change and if you find that you need to defer the program to a later cohort, we can accommodate these requests to the next available cohort.

How do timezones work?
We've put teams from South Africa to New Zealand through the bootcamp and most timezones are workable. We factor the timezones of students into the time selection for webinars as much as possible. All webinars are also recorded with replays made availble afterwards. All 1:1 sessions are coordinated to mutually fit. Everything else is handled asynchronously over tools like Slack and the LEANSTACK platform.

Can I participate with my team?
Yes. You'll need as complete a team as possible (hacker + hustler + designer) to implement the entire playbook. That said, we've had many solo founders start the program and fill out their team along the way. We share some tactics for team building in the program. 

How much time will I be required to dedicate to this bootcamp?
All the playbooks are self-paced so you control your speed. During the earlier stages, however, we recommend dedicating a minimum of 10 hours per week and increasing that to 20 hours a week until you achieve Problem/Solution Fit. From there you'll get a much better sense of the resources needed to implement your product launch and would have removed a lot of uncertainty in your business model.

Do you help with implementation?
We'll provide you with advice, guidance, templates, and a list of 3rd party tools to speed up implementation. But we don't do the implementation work for you. This is not a course where we fish for you, but teach you how to fish.

I don't have a complete team. Can I outsource some of this to a consulting company?
In theory, yes. But be careful to establish the right working relationship. The nature of iterative LEAN Sprints is that learning comes in 2-3 week windows. This isn't conducive to fixed scope type of projects. You'll need your partner to be flexible and adaptable.

How do I pitch this to my boss?
A lot of teams justify the tuition under their continuing education budget. The goal of these playbooks, however, is driving demonstrable business model outcomes making it much easier to justify the ROI.