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Coaching Lean Academy

Continuously Improve Your Coaching Skills.

A coach academy membership unlocks additional clinics, coaching playbooks, and other training resources to help you level-up your coaching practice.

Learn by doing.

Delivered 100% virtually.

Participate from anywhere in the world.

3 Keys to Mastery

There are 3 keys to gaining mastery at anything. We employ all three to accelerate your learning.

Deliberate Practice

This is often summed up as the 10,000 hours rule but the emphasis on hours alone misses the point of deliberate practice.

Deliberate Practice

The real key to mastery through deliberate practice comes down to three ingredients: learn by doing, quality over quantity, and realtime performance feedback. The Coach Academy provides you with more hands-on training opportunities to continuously reinforce your learning.

Psychological Safety

Trying to learn anything new is uncomfortable because you go from being an expert in the old way to a beginner in the new way. Until your confidence in your newly acquired skills crosses a certain threshold, it's natural to hold back and revert to what you know. This stifles your progress. Psychological Safety

The key to making this transition is building a safety net. In the Coach Academy, we separate skills acquisition from skills application where you can practice freely through simulations and low stakes conversations.

Perceptual Learning

Perceptual learning, sometimes called “learning without thinking”, is how you get to shrink 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to 1,000 hours. Research shows that while many experts often struggle to explain how they do what they do, others can learn from them simply through observation. Our brains are pattern matching machines that connect the dots in ways that we don’t fully understand.

Perceptual Learning

In the Coach Academy, we implement perceptual learning through case-studies, Q&A sessions, and shadow coaching where you get to see other more-experienced coaches in action.

Who's it for?

We built LEANSTACK Coach Academy for educators, mentors, and consultants who want to further their understanding and practice of the Continuous Innovation Framework beyond Level 1 certification.

What you get?

Membership includes access to our coaching lean and continuous innovation playbooks, clinics, additional certification workshops, and a community to help you level-up on your coaching skills.

Unlock Additional Certification

Go beyond Level 1 certification to learn new skills and open new opporunities for training, mentoring, and leading transformations:

  • Level 2 Certification: 30-day workshop on Coaching Demand Validation Playbook: $2,500
  • Level 3 Certification: 3-day workshop on Coaching Value Delivery Playbook: $2,500
  • Level 4 Certification: 3-day workshop on Coaching Rocketship Growth Playbook: $2,500

See: Schedule of upcoming certification workshops

Coaching Lean Playbooks

Beyond the workshops, you'll get access to our coaching lean playbook and additional resources (workshop slides, coaching guides, etc.) that share best-practices for structuring, rolling out, and scaling your own coaching programs.

Private LEANSTACK Instance

You'll get your own private LEANSTACK instance (Lean Canvas + Foundations playbook) so you can sign-up prospects, provide business model diagnostics, and build your top of the funnel clients.

If/when you decide to run a cohort-based program (like 120DS), you have the option to license the full platform. Pricing is $3,600 billed annually for 3 teams plus $1,200 per additional team and includes

  • coach academy membership and
  • 1 workshop ticket per year to a certification workshop
Step-by-step playbooks

Clinics with Ash Maurya

You'll be invited to clinics hosted by Ash Maurya, author and creator of the Lean Canvas, where he'll answer your questions, feature other guest experts, and go deeper on specific concepts and tactics.


You'll be part of a growing community of like-minded mentors, consultants, and educators going through a similar journey and get to learn from each other using our built-in community tools.

Become a member

Get ongoing training to level up your coaching skills.

Regular Membership

For mentors, consultants, and educators.

What's included

  • Coaching Lean and CIF Playbooks

  • Your private LEANSTACK instance

  • Global community

  • Coaching clinics

  • Unlock additional certifications

  • Certification auto renewals


(All prices in USD)