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Coaching Lean Academy

Continuously Improve Your Early-Stage Team Coaching Skills.

Membership includes access to the Coaching Lean Mastery newsletter, business modeling tools, and a private community of like-minded educators, mentors, and consultants putting our continuous innovation playbooks to practice.

Learn by doing.

Delivered 100% virtually.

Participate from anywhere in the world.

Who's it for?

We built LEANSTACK Coach Academy for educators, mentors, and consultants who want to further their understanding and practice of the Continuous Innovation Framework.

What you get?

Membership includes access to our coaching lean and continuous innovation playbooks, clinics, additional certification workshops, and a community to help you level-up on your coaching skills.

Coaching Lean Mastery Newsletter

Get battle-tested strategies and recipes for coaching early-stage teams delviered to your inbox.

Coaching Lean Foundations Playbook

Learn the meta-skills needed to coach early stage teams.

Private LEANSTACK Instance

You'll get your own private LEANSTACK instance (Lean Canvas + Foundations playbook) so you can sign-up prospects, provide business model diagnostics, and build your top of the funnel clients.

Private LEANSTACK instance

Clinics with Ash Maurya

You'll be invited to clinics hosted by Ash Maurya, author and creator of the Lean Canvas, where he'll answer your questions, feature other guest experts, and go deeper on specific concepts and tactics.


You'll be part of a growing community of like-minded mentors, consultants, and educators going through a similar journey.

Become a member

Get ongoing training to level up your coaching skills.

Regular Membership

For mentors, consultants, and educators.

What's included

  • Coaching Lean Mastery newsletter
  • Your private LEANSTACK instance
  • Coaching Lean Foundations playbook
  • Community of Continuous Innovation practitioners
  • Unlock additional certifications
  • Coaching clinics and Q&A with Ash Maurya

(All prices in USD)