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Vitamins don't have a triggering event

Were you in the middle of launching a new product or startup when the pandemic hit? Like a lot of entrepreneurs, you probably hit the brakes on your project or put your new ideas on the back-burner in order to conserve resources and ride out the uncertainty.

Many of us were optimistic that the storm would quickly pass. But weeks have turned into months and the reality is finally starting to set in:

We have shifted into a new normal and some things are never going to go back to the way they were.

So what do you do with your product/startup plans?

What if I told you that there has never been a better time to start up or pivot your product?

That's the topic of today's article: "Vitamins don't have a triggering event".

An alternate title would have been: How I learned to stop procrastinating and start realizing that now is the best time to launch or pivot a new product offering or startup – yes, despite the pandemic.

Go read the full article here and we'll dive a little deeper in the next email.