The Customer Factory Manifesto

Tuesday, Dec 8 (2020) / 2 min read

Almost five years ago, on January 4th 2016, I published The BOOTSTART Manifesto.

The title of the manifesto was a play on BOOTstrapping + STARTup which I saw back then as becoming the new playbook for launching products (which subsequently did become a LEANSTACK playbook by that name).

As stakeholders and investors have continually shifted from valuing ideas and intellectual property to valuing validation and traction, it has become increasingly the job of the entrepreneur to self-fund their way to early traction.

This is even truer today.

Well, five years later, it’s time for an update…

BOOTSTART was all about starting up with a clean slate. But the real world is messy.

By the time most people come across BOOTSTART, they often already have an idea, maybe a product (or MVP), and maybe even some paying customers.

Because they have already started, they feel they are past BOOTSTART.
But that usually isn’t the case.

BOOTSTART wasn't really about where you start, but where you end up.

The key outcome in this playbook is achieving customer/problem/solution fit.

Achieving customer/problem/solution fit isn’t about making a few random sales but building a system that drives repeatable sales — what we call a customer factory.

Up until now, this wasn’t as explicitly emphasized.
So it was fitting to create a new Customer Factory Manifesto.

Before you click through to read the manifesto, I want to be transparent about why now…

In a week and a half (Dec 16 through 31) we are opening enrollment to a new and updated BOOTSTART playbook we are calling the DEMAND GENERATION Playbook (DGP).

From Wikipedia: Demand generation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company's products and/or services.

This will be the first in a series of 3 playbooks we are launching in 2021 that will show you how to bring your customer factory to life and turn it into a repeatable and scalable engine.

This playbook, like all our validation playbooks will be run using a combination of self-paced content, livestream events, and personalized coaching.

Because we don’t believe in spamming you with things you don't want, and we prefer to lead with value first, we will be previewing the playbook during a promotion period using a mini-course delivered over email. This mini-course will pick up where the foundations/ideation playbooks end and you can decide if the full course is right for you.

This promotion for the Dec 16-31 enrollment of DGP will only be sent to those who WANT to be part of it. Meaning, you need to explicitly raise your hand as an indication you want-in.

Here's how:
1. First, go read the manifesto.

2. Iff (if and only if) it resonates with you, and you want to be part of the mini-course I will be sending out next week and the week after (two weeks of emails), only then click here (clicking this link will tag you as hand-raised and interested).

Otherwise, this will most likely be my last email to you for the year.

Happy holidays and here’s to a “better” and fruitful 2021.