Systematic Innovation Framework

Built on business modeling, systems thinking, and Lean Startup principles,
LEANSTACK provides a practicable framework for taking an idea from inception to scale.


"A practical field guide to smarter decision making at the early stages of a business."

Brad Feld , Managing Director of Foundry Group

Test new ideas quickly with small and fast experiments

Good ideas can come anywhere and rather than wasting time debating the merits of an idea, you need to instead find ways to quickly test your ideas and either double-down on it or move on to another idea. This is where the LEAN Sprint board comes in.

A LEAN Sprint is a time-boxed iteration for sourcing, ranking, and testing ideas with your team -- while staying focused on the riskiest assumptions or constraints holding your business model back.

The LEANSTACK sprint board helps you to visualize all your goals, risks, backlog of ideas, and experiments on a single page.


Design and run good experiments

We run experiments all the time. Whenever you launch a new feature or change your pricing, you're running an experiment. But if you don't take the time to design the experiment well, it's easy to get lost in mixed or inconclusive results.

Designing good experiments is more science than art and the 1-page LEANSTACK Experiment Report is designed to help you design, run, and learn from all your experiments.

"A battle-tested approach to building companies that matter."

Eric Ries , Author of The Lean Startup

Communicate progress to your internal and external stakeholders

Simply running experiments or launching a product on time and on budget are no longer enough. You need to ensure that your efforts are moving your business model forward and driving traction with customers. That is what your stakeholders really care about.

LEANSTACK's progress reports help you tie your learning and metrics from your sprint board experiments to your business model evolution story using beautfiul reports that help you deliver effective progress updates to your internal and external stakeholders.