The Continuous Innovation Library

A battle-tested curriculum for ideating, validating, and growing your big idea.

Authored By Ash Maurya

How to use this library

Too many people fail at Continuous Innovation because they start in the wrong place - cherry-picking on tactics or prematurely focusing on outcomes.

I would suggest starting by first internalizing the key mindsets needed to succeed with this new way of working. Then take the requisite time to hone your skills. And finally, put it all together using the playbooks below.

Let's begin.

- Ash


Start here if you're new to Continuous Innovation principles or want to start by getting the big picture first.


Hone your skills with the new Continuous Innovation toolset: Lean Canvas, Traction Roadmap, and LEAN Sprints.
  • Lean Canvas
    Deconstruct your idea into a set of fundamental assumptions and learn how to bulletproof your idea against the top ten pitfalls that trip innovators.
  • Traction Roadmap
    Ballpark the viability of your business model using a simple five minute back-of-the-envelope estimation that could save you months.
  • LEAN Sprints
    Stop burying your breakthrough insights in failed experiments, but rather illuminate your path using two week iterations that help you course-correct before running out of resources.

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Playbooks curate the mindsets and skills above into step-by-step sequences for achieving specific business model outcomes.
  • Problem/Solution Fit
    Learn how to go from idea to early traction (paying customers) in less than 90 days without having to first build out a product or an MVP.

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  • The Innovator's Gift
    Learn how to discover the right problems worth solving through customer interviews and turn these insights into offers your customers cannot refuse (mafia offers).

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