LEANSTACK improves outcomes across the startup funnel.


A foundational blueprint for building and scaling accelerators
in a world of continuous innovation.

Accelerators need to rethink the traditional accelerator funnel in order to meet the global demand surge in startup activity.

Here are 5 keys:

1. Grow Your Startup Pipeline by investing in top of the funnel activities.

The best way to find the next big idea is by carrying lots of ideas in your portfolio.

With falling costs of product development and first to market power-law advantages, finding the next big idea has increasingly become a numbers game. Even accelerators like Y-Combinator invest heavily in top-of-the funnel initiatives like Startup School and Hacker News in order to reach and brand their offerings to promising startups at the earliest stages.

LEANSTACK helps you build the top of your funnel through flagship content and marketing tools to track and drive engagement.

You need to understand your startup funnel math to win.

2. Increase Application Quality by leveling-up your startups' skill stack before they even apply.

The 5-minute pitch multiplied by 100 applications takes 500 hours to get through. That's 62.5 working days of reviews and that's not counting follow-ups and additional review time.

It's painful to sit through hundreds of hours of bad pitches. The best time to teach teams how to pitch is not during an active cohort or the application process, but pre-application.

We are also living in a new world where the playbook for building products has fundamentally changed. The challenge today isn't building products but uncovering the right products to build. The best time to upskill your startups' foundational mindsets and skills on these new playbooks is also pre-application -- so you can then focus on spending more time accelerating versus educating your startups.

LEANSTACK helps you upskill your startups through battle-tested playbooks that teach startups how to pitch their ideas, secure early customers, and build the right MVP using the Continuous Innovation Framework.

Foundations Playbook
Our foundations playbook teaches startups how to pitch their ideas as business models.

3. Measure Investment Readiness using EntrepreneurIQTM.

Good teams practice good habits. These can be measured and used to find high-performance teams.

The early stage is all about investing in the right people and teams — not ideas. The only thing certain is that early ideas will drastically change.

Good teams quickly recognize and kill off bad ideas and eventually find good ideas. Bad teams can’t tell a good idea from a bad idea and they either stick with bad ideas too long or hopelessly fumble good ideas. You need a way to quickly separate good teams from bad teams.

LEANSTACK helps you make smarter investment decisions by identifying high-performance teams using data heuristics (and machine learning) that track skills, activities, and traction.

What we measure to determine EntrepreneurIQ.

4. Scale Mentorship through a consistent and Socratic approach.

The most impactful way for building high-performing teams is through 1:1 coaching and mentorship. This is also the least scalable activity.

The way to scale your mentorship is through a consistent process. Predictable results come from consistent processes. This is ever so important during the early stage of an idea riddled with extreme uncertainty. If your startups ask 10 advisors for advice and get 10 different answers, that doesn't help them -- it creates needless chaos. This is also called the Advisor Whiplash.

LEANSTACK helps you scale mentorship by providing a battle-tested coaching system derived from thousands of hours of coaching startups that focuses on right action, right time.

A battle-tested approach to building companies that matter built on two cult-classic bestsellers.

5. Track Your Portfolio Results using cohort analytics.

Measure, refine, improve.

The key to improving your portfolio results is through continuous innovation of your own. Cohort analysis, i.e. measurement in batches versus aggregate, is the gold standard for isolating changes and inferring causality in your programming versus wildly changing lots of things and going around in circles. Once you normalize your data across cohorts, you can more easily identify what's working and double down.

LEANSTACK helps you measure performance across cohorts, teams, and individual founders so you can continuously optimize your programs.

Track and drive portfolio results using cohort analytics.