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Grow your startup pipeline with high-quality founders

Build the top of your funnel through flagship content and marketing tools to track and drive engagement.

Richard Jones

"LEANSTACK helped us double the number of startups we serve."

Richard Jones
Startup Coach, Propel ICT Accelerator

"Before LEANSTACK we were serving around 40 startups a year. After LEANSTACK, we were able to double that number. LEANSTACK is one of the three foundational tools we built our entire early stage program around. We wouldn't have been able to run our accelerator the way we are doing without LEANSTACK. "


The traditional startup funnel is broken.

With the explosion in startup activity, the top of the funnel has widenned. The new challenge is finding and selecting the best startups for the limited number of spots in your next cohort without drowning in a sea of bad applications.

Traditional startup funnel is broken


Flip the startup funnel.

Business Model Design Playbook

Level up your startups even before they apply using our playbooks

The best time to teach your startups how to pitch their idea isn't during an active cohort, but before they even apply. Upskill your startups using our battle-tested business modeling playbooks where they learn how to pitch their idea as a business model.

Use standardized models to speed up the selection process

The lack of clear metrics-driven heuristics for ranking applications leads to a lot of time spent reviewing applications and injects subjectivity into the selection process. With LEANSTACK you use standardized models (Lean Canvas and Traction Roadmap) to score and rank the most promosing ideas.

Measure the health of your startup pipeline

Track the health of your application pipeline in realtime

Use realtime analytics and reports to track the progress of prospective applicants for your next cohort.

Nurture your applicants at scale using automated campaigns

Use behaviorially targeted email campaigns to drive engagement and steer applicants with personalized messaging along the way.

Manage your startup pipeline end-to-end.

Supercharge your next cohort

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