Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this a remote or onsite bootcamp?

The bootcamp is run 100% remotely using webinars for group interaction, Slack for questions, and Skype/Google Hangouts for 1:1 sessions. And, of course, LEANSTACK tools for tracking your business model, ideas, and experiments.

2. How do timezones work?

We've put teams from South Africa to New Zealand through the bootcamp and most timezones are workable. We factor the timezones of students into the time selection for webinars as much as possible. All webinars are also recorded with replays made availble afterwards. All 1:1 sessions are coordinated to mutually fit. Everything else is handled asynchronously over tools like Slack and the LEANSTACK platform.

3. Can I participate with my team?

Yes. You'll need as complete a team as possible (hacker + hustler + designer) to implement the ideas in the bootcamp. That said, this bootcamp is intended for smaller teams (up to 5 people). We run separate bootcamps/workshops for larger teams.

4. How much time will I be required to dedicate to this bootcamp?

Depends on your goal. For the full experience participants (those running LEAN Sprints), I recommend being full time or as close to it as possible. This bootcamp aims to get you closer to Product/Market fit by focusing on the right actions which should be the most important priority of your team. For those interested in learning, you will certainly get the most by allocating time not just to attend webinars but also apply some of these ideas. A good target would be 20 hours a week - more is, of course better.

5. Do you help with implementation?

We'll provide you with advice, guidance, templates, and a list of 3rd party tools to speed up implementation. But we don't do the implementation work for you.

6. I don't have a complete team. Can I outsource some of this to a consulting company?

In theory, yes. But be careful to establish the right working relationship. The nature of iterative LEAN Sprints is that learning comes in 2-3 week windows. This isn't conducive to fixed scope type of projects. You'll need your partner to be flexible and adaptable.

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Next bootcamp runs from April 16 - July 27 2018.