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Manage your startup funnel end-to-end

Our accelerator-in-a-box platform provides step-by-step playbooks and tools for founders, coach training for mentors, and cohort/portfolio management tools to help you grow your startup pipeline.

LEANSTACK improves outcomes across the startup funnel


Managing your cohorts shouldn’t be this hard.

Whether you're running calendar-based or rolling cohorts, keep everyone in sync with cohort-based experiences.

The old way: A hodge-podge of many tools

While it's easy to get started by cobbling together a bunch of different tools, things quickly get out of hand resulting in siloed data, fragmented conversations, and lots of administrative overhead.

The new way: Seamless cohort-based experiences

Cohort-based experiences let you segment and manage your teams, mentors, and programs from a single unified platform -- always in sync and up-to-date so you can manage your entire startup funnel end-to-end.

3 Worlds

LEANSTACK is a CRM for your entire startup funnel


Grow your startup pipeline end-to-end.

Supercharge your next cohort

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