Customer Forces

Understand Your Customers Better Than They Do

The challenge today isn’t building more products, but uncovering the better product to build — which begs the question: “What defines a better product?”

Starting with problems before solutions is key, and our Customer Forces tool helps you uncover big problems worth solving using carefully scripted customer interviews.

The Customer Forces tool helps you

Capture insights from customer interviews to understand the causal forces that drive customer behavior.

Surface key insights using cluster analysis and jobs-to-be-done based segmentation.

Use these key insights to build features your customers cannot refuse.

Transcribe your customer interviews

Being able to post-process your customer interviews not only allows you to mine your conversations for deeper insights, but it helps keep your biases in check.

Annotate interviews

Map key insights using annotations

Unpack your interivews using built-in annotation tags that help you mine actionable insights.

Visualize the shapes of your customer stories

Hills and valleys in your story shape help you pinpoint opportunities for innovation.

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Jump to key points in your customer story

Jump to key points in your customer interviews from your sentiment map and transcript.

Capture the Global Story

The Global Story, like a movie trailer, summarizes the gist of the customer journey using key moments.


Go even deeper with scenes

Scenes help you zoom into a particular section in the customer journey. This is often where the most impactful insights are hidden.

Identify patterns across your interviews

As a natural side-effect of annotating and tagging your interviews, we help you surface the most actionable insights that help you spot key customer clusters and problems worth solving.

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