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LEANSTACK Regional Partner
We're proud to have Propel work with LEANSTACK as an exclusive regional partner in Canada.

About Propel

Incite, powered by Propel, is Atlantic Canada’s virtual accelerator for tech companies. This means there’s no need to travel or relocate. You’ll be assigned a dedicated coach who cares about the progress of your business. You will have access to renowned mentors and experts from around the world. You’ll also develop real skills that will drive better outcomes while developing the connections, advice and expertise you need to move your company forward. The accelerator is divided into two programs. Phase 1 focuses on validating the problem/solution fit while Phase 2 focuses on amplifying sales through disciplined execution.

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LEANSTACK Certified Partner
We're proud to partner with George Bandarian and ValueScaler to bring Continuous Innovation to California and beyond.

About Value Scaler

George is an angel investor, startup founder coach, and the founder and managing director at ValueScaler, a startup accelerator with virtual cohorts (and plans for a physical office in Glendale in the near future). George helps promising founders of venture-backed startups land their first dozens of customers, gain traction and prove product/market fit, so they can raise money, and scale their impact. He also speaks and teaches at startup events, incubators, accelerators and podcasts.

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