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Hope Hopkins
"Partnering with LEANSTACK is an exciting way in which we are reimagining the traditional accelerator model."
Hope Hopkins
Head of Acceleration, MassChallenge
Press release: MassChallenge Partners with LEANSTACK

Succeeding in the new world requires new mindsets, but mindset change is hard.

Mantras like "love the problem", "talk to your customers", or "build something customers want" are easy to understand, but hard to put into practice. You can't simply lecture at teams because their Innovator's Bias (love for solution) is immune to lecture. You have to instead coach them to overcome old habits while balancing new anxieties that come with working in a new way.


Transform your teams with our systematic stage-based playbooks.

Our systematic playbooks and coaching techniques have been battle-tested on thousands of teams and use behavioral design to trigger mindset change.