LEANSTACK Accelerator Platform

LEANSTACK Accelerator Platform

We help you create more successful startups.

Our accelerator-in-a-box platform provides online tools, stage-based playbooks, and mentor training that help you grow your startup pipeline with higher quality startups.

Battle-tested curriculum.

Integrated tools.

Cohort management.

Richard Jones

"LEANSTACK helped us double the number of startups we serve."

Richard Jones
Startup Coach, Propel ICT Accelerator

"Before LEANSTACK we were serving around 40 startups a year. After LEANSTACK, we were able to double that number. LEANSTACK is one of the three foundational tools we built our entire early stage program around. We wouldn't have been able to run our accelerator the way we are doing without LEANSTACK. "

Amanda Chocko

"LEANSTACK helps us make better entrepreneurs."

Amanda Chocko
Director of Entrepreneurship, Lakeshore Advantage

"Leanstack has been instrumental in helping our entrepreneurs avoid the risks associated with launching a new business. The step-by-step framework, coaching tools, and educational content guide entrepreneurs through the customer validation process and helps them to identify problems worth solving. Overall, the experience makes them better entrepreneurs."

Managing your cohorts shouldn’t be this hard.

It's time to try the LEANSTACK way.

LEANSTACK improves outcomes across the startup funnel

Our accelerator platform helps you spend more time accelerating versus managing your startups.

Grow your startup pipeline

Build the top of your funnel through flagship content and marketing tools to track and drive engagement.

Step-by-step playbooks

Level up your startups even before they apply

Upskill your startups using our battle-tested playbooks and business modeling design tools, like Lean Canvas and Traction Roadmap.

Manage your cohorts seamlessly

Whether you're running calendar-based or rolling cohorts, keep everyone in sync with cohort-based experiences.


Scale mentorship

Use a battle-tested coaching system built on the continuous innovation framework--derived from thousands of hours of coaching startups.

Deliver personalized coaching

Use our business model diagnostic scripts and calender integration to deliver 1:1 coaching sessions.

Step-by-step playbooks

Drive accountability

Use a 90-day cycle cadence + 2 week sprints to hold startups accountable on objectives and key results.

Build community

Run events, workshops, forums, and discussions all in one place to make easy for startups to find everything they need.

Melissa Grizzle

"LEANSTACK practices what they preach."

Melissa Grizzle
Director of Entrepreneur Development, ITEN

"The tools, playbooks, and features of the LEANSTACK platform have provided an exceptional foundation to the two new programs we launched in Fall 2020. Having the playbooks integrated with tools is allowing our founders to more quickly identify problems worth solving and guide the "how". Also, having mentors engaged in shadowing our certified LEANSTACK coaches has dramatically increased mentor engagement and strengthened their role in our startups’ journeys. Finally, the LEANSTACK team truly practices what they preach when it comes to understanding their customer’s problems and addressing them in a smart, efficient way. I’ve been blown away at how quickly they have added features that precisely targeted my needs and allowed the platform to have an even greater impact on my ability as an administrator to deliver a strong, well-organized program."

Girard Newkirk

"LEANSTACK has elevated our entrepreneurial training."

Girard Newkirk
Co-founder and CEO of Genesis Block

"The LEANSTACK platform has truly elevated our entrepreneurial training at Genesis Block. The majority of our companies are consumer facing and local small businesses so having the opportunity to provide these techniques and principles to their businesses was transformational. Our companies added over $1 million in revenue and collectively had a 68% increase in revenue since they attended our entrepreneur in residency program driven by the LEANSTACK Curriculum. We are now using the principles to align all our programming to provide our entrepreneurs a simple framework to organize their ideas and translate them much more efficiently into sustainable business models."

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