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The top reason why products fail.

The #1 reason why products fail is that we waste needless time, money, and effort building something nobody wants.

Why does this happen?

We attribute this to the Innovator's Bias - or prematurely falling in love with your solution.


When we get hit with an idea, what we see most clearly is our solution.

We spend every waking moment trying to bring our solution to life. But it has statistically been shown that most initial ideas don't work. More than two-thirds of all products undergo drastic pivots along the way.

What separates successful entrepreneurs is their ability to quickly iterate from their plan A to a plan that works before running out of resources.

Doing this requires a fundamentally different approach.

Success in the new world comes from new mindsets.

A build-first or investor-first approach used to work at a time when building products was hard and expensive. Today, thanks to the Internet, open source, and globalization, it's cheaper and easier than ever to build what we set out to build.

The key question today is: "Will anyone care?".

Customers today don't care about your solution, but their problems.

Investors too don't care about your solution, but getting a return on their investment. They no longer value intellectual property, but traction -- aka engagement of a product with its customers.

But how are you supposed to demonstrate traction without first building a product?

By changing your mindset from thinking like an artist to thinking like an innovator.

Steve and Larry are two archetypical entrepreneurs with similar skillsets, but different mindsets. Most entrepreneurs start like Steve (an artist) and transform into Larry (an innovator). Read more about this transformation.

LEANSTACK can help.

LEANSTACK brings together world-class tools, content, and coaching resources under one platform to help you overcome your Innovator's Bias and build products that matter.

What you get?

Our playbooks are delivered over a SaaS platform using a combination of stage-based playbooks, integrated tools, and personalized coaching. We train your entire team on the Continuous Innovation Framework and we provide step-by-step instructions for growing your specific business model.

Stage-based playbooks.

Our step-by-step guides help you focus on the right actions for taking your idea from concept to product/market fit.

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Integrated Tools

Proven software tools to help you model your idea, prioritize your riskiest assumptions, and systematically test your business model.

Lean Canvas
Communicate your idea clearly and concisely to others so they can get behind it.
Traction Modeler
Test if your idea is worth pursuing before investing months of effort.
Customer Forces Canvas
Uncover big problems worth solving using carefully scripted customer interviews. Build better products.

Personalized Coaching For Guidance and Accountability

As part of your membership, you'll get access to hands-on workshops, bootcamps, and 1:1 coaching from certified coaches who can help steer your journey and avoid common pitfalls.

As part of your membership, you'll get access to hands-on workshops, bootcamps, and 1:1 coaching from certified coaches who can help steer your journey and avoid common pitfalls.

What You'll Learn

  • Business modeling with a Lean Canvas
  • Charting milestones with a Traction Roadmap
  • Pitching to customers and stakeholders
  • Prioritizing problems worth solving using a Customer Forces model
  • Driving business model traction using a LEAN Sprint process

How To Get Started

  • Take our free Foundations course to get an overview of the Continuous Innovation Framework.
  • Set up a diagnostic session with one of our coaches and get feedback on your business model.
  • Enroll your team in the appropriate next playbook to grow your business model from there.

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