Traction Roadmap

Get Buy-In From Your Investors and Key Stakeholders

At the early stages of an idea, financial forecasts drown you in a sea of fictional numbers that mask your riskiest assumptions.

The key to creating an actionble forecast is formualting a bottoms-up and stage-based rollout plan.

A Traction Roadmap replaces fictional financial forecasts with an actionable roadmap built on just 7 key metrics and takes 5 minutes to create.




Foundations Series

Our free Foundations course teaches you how to use a Traction Roadmap to stress test your business model and systematically build a business model that works.

Supports multiple business models

Model any type of business using our basic business model archetypes: Direct, multi-sided, and marketplace.

Traction Roadmap Inputs

Step-by-step guidance

Our interactive wizard helps you build your business model bottoms-up. Not sure about typical conversion rates? We guide you along the way.

Not more numbers, but actionable metrics

Instead of drowning you in a sea of numbers, the traction modeler helps you stress-test the viability of your business model using just 7 key metrics.

Customer Factory

Find your levers for growth

Since the traction roadmap uses a handful of metrics, it's easy to identify your most actionable levers for growth.

Formulate a Now, Next, Later plan

Ballpark milestones in hand, you'll learn how to formulate and pitch an actionable stage-based rollout plan to your investors and key stakeholders.

Are You Ready To Level Up?

Our free Foundations course teaches you key mindsets, strategies, and tactics for unlocking your entrepreneurial potential.

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Includes Lean Canvas and Traction Roadmap tools.