LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

George Bandarian
George Bandarian
7-figure Exit in ’18, Now Coaching & Investing in Promising Tech Startup Founders


Mentor Workshop - Completed May 2019


George is an angel investor, startup founder coach, and the founder and managing director at ValueScaler, a startup accelerator with virtual cohorts (and plans for a physical office in Glendale in the near future). George helps promising founders of venture-backed startups land their first dozens of customers, gain traction and prove product/market fit, so they can raise money, and scale their impact. He also speaks and teaches at startup events, incubators, accelerators and podcasts.

Prior, George was the President & CEO of AMI for over 15 years. He grew revenues and value over 10X, turning the company into a leading provider of business process automation, with notable clients such as SpaceX, Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, Northrop Grumman, USC, County of Los Angeles and many others. By selling workflow automation over the course of 15+ years, George gained B2B vertical and horizontal market experience across many industries and sizes including Enterprise, SMB, Government, Education and Military. In February 2018 he negotiated a multi-million-dollar exit selling to a strategic buyer.

George graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business, Greif Center for Entrepreneurship. In his free time, George can be found in deep meditation, practicing yoga, playing or watching sports, or learning about the latest in exponential technologies, especially A.I. and Robotics.


Los Angeles United States
Pacific Time (US & Canada)
English, Armenian