LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Jonas Van Poucke
Jonas Van Poucke
Discover and create successful products with confidence
Mentor Workshop - Completed December 2020


▶ Discover and create successful products with confidence ◀
I help you - product manager, domain expert or leader - so that you have confidence in the products, services and business you create. I know you make tough decisions on usability, feasibility and valuability. I help you maximise your confidence by which you make your decisions. So that you have an informed opinion on how to reach your goal: maximising value for the customer while also maximising value for your business. Discover, deliver, delight!

About me
I am an expert in product management, lean startup and strategy. I have performed as developer, analyst, project manager and tribe leader. I found my passion - "microbe" we say in Dutch - in product management. Because it combines people, exploration and creation.
Besides that I love cooking, architecture, kano/kayak, walking and science. That and my wife and son :).

My mission
I help you and your company maximise the value and viability of your business, product and service. With confidence.

My style
Summary: I listen, think, talk. In that order.

  • I listen carefully. To get to know your thoughts, your emotions and your aspirations.
  • I am thorough. I make you think by asking questions you thought never existed.
  • I am open and direct. So you get insights with speed and no bullsh*t.
  • I value diversity, honesty and autonomy. I put the greater group above individual gains.
  • I love to share my knowledge with you.

My approach

  • I start with a free intake of 30 minutes.
  • I shadow you or your team for one to three weeks.
  • I provide a coaching plan for the coming three months. Maybe I take up a role or two myself.
  • E.g. to validate your business model, construct your roadmap, assess your PM skills and check your development process.
  • I can introduce you to my product management framework to get you started with speed and reach alignment across product teams and business.
  • As a product management trainer I make extensive use of roadmaps, impact mapping, jobs-to-be-done, user story mapping and prioritisation frameworks.
  • I prefer working remote.


Ghent Belgium
English, Dutch, some French