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LEANSTACK Certified Mentor

Mark Channon
Mark Channon
Mindset & Startup Coach


Mentor Workshop - Completed October 2020
Mentor Workshop - Completed May 2023


Connect if you are ready to: 🧠 Uncover hidden challenges. ⚡️ Learn faster than your competition. 😁 Go to market with a product your customers can't live without.

Hi, I'm Mark. Like many entrepreneurs, my background is eclectic. From creating a prime-time game show for the BBC that aired to 8 million people, to working as an Executive Coach and leading world-class digital products for the likes of BBC, Microsoft and Telegraph. Having been CPO for a number of startups as well as CEO on my own startup you won't just receive the highest level of coaching, you'll be working with someone who 'gets' where you are.

Ready to be positively challenged, gain clarity and create consistent results? let's chat. 📲


Sevenoaks United Kingdom