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Ada Ryland

Ada Ryland

Earlystage Founder Trainer and Coach

About Ada

Ada is an award-winning founder trainer and coach who has been practicing Ash Maurya’s advanced lean approaches since 2014. She has guided 200+ entrepreneurs through their early stage and works as an instructor and resource for several startup pre-accelerators and accelerators. In her private practice, she works with mid-career and post-career professionals switching to the startup CEO role and who are interested in speeding up their learning curve and feeling confident in their approach. She also provides staff training for new accelerator programs and is interested in offering the most effective approaches to the early stage at a larger scale. She received the Top Expert award by MassChallengeTexas in 2019. Ada lives in Austin, Texas. She enjoys playing video games with her kids and reading science fiction novels (Nnedi Okorafor, Neal Stephenson, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman.)


Austin United States
Central Time (US & Canada)