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Why we exist?

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs everywhere succeed.

Thanks to the technologies enabled by the Internet, Cloud Computing and Open Source, it has become cheaper and faster to build products.

How we do this?

We are first and foremost practicing entrepreneurs ourselves and practice everything we teach.

All our products, from our best-selling books to our popular 1-page business model tool (Lean Canvas) were built this way.

What we do?

We provide world-class tools, content, and coaching resources to help entrepreneurs systematically find business models that work.

Our Story

We’ve been building products for over two decades and throughout that time we've been in search of a better, faster way for building successful products. We’ve tried everything from building products in stealth, building a platform, open sourcing, practicing release-early release-often, embracing “less is more”, and even trying “more is more”.

Here’s what we’ve learnt:

  • Most startups fail and can easily consume years of your life.
  • Listening to customers is key but you have to know how.
  • Life is too short to build something nobody wants.

That is our mission and reason for being.

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